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Group-IPS Chemicals provides a one-stop shop for consulting, engineering, project management, and construction and commissioning management, all guided by seasoned insights into the complex field of chemicals. Thanks to our cross-industry approach, we’re able to apply learnings from our 25 years of experience to advance the standards and daily operations of major players in the field.

“Innovation by design” is our mantra in helping customers remain competitive in the chemical Industries. For each and every project, Group-IPS deploys experts with expansive knowledge of the relevant field(s) to perform research and to devise pioneering processes and facilities. With our ambitious approach, we aim to raise industry standards and build the factories of the future.

By honoring each customer’s unique requirements and specifications, we can adapt state-of-the art processes to work in tandem with superior design. Thanks to our unifying cross-industrial methodology, we’re able to adapt to changes quickly and adeptly and adhere to strict budgets. We form close partnerships with our customers, keeping in regular contact throughout the entirety of our collaboration and maintaining transparency and clear communication. 

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Denis Luquiau


Carlos Bravo Fernandez

International Business Unit Manager Chemicals

Hannes Kraft

Business Unit Manager Germany Chemicals

Tim Swier

Business Unit Manager Belgium Chemicals

Peter Holvoet

Business Unit Manager Belgium Chemicals

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