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Partner with professionals to find the resources, talent or expertise to bring a new technology or product to market.


Project Life Cycle

We want to ensure our customers can bring their vision to market.

If you lack the resources, talents or expertise to bring a new technology or product to market, we will make it happen together.

Find funding for your project, develop internal capabilities, identify external talents, design new business models, and team up with third-party partners thanks to our one-stop-shop approach.

Talent & Team Acquisition globally to serve you ​

Corporate Venture Building

Corporate Venture Client


We will assist you in any market you enter by providing you with appropriate skills, finances and partners.


We actively develop Venture Building and Venture Client areas, and organise an annual StartUp Academy to boost the activity of all our intrapreneurs. That way, we can offer new and innovative solutions to our customers as soon as they appear on the market.


Get in touch with our team


Julian Sáenz Escuder

Head of Corporate Development

T: + 34 663 090 328