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Philippe Fürst

Country Manager Germany

T: +49 (0)160 9051 2938

Address Eisenhüttenstadt

IPS Industrial Projects Services GmbH
Werkstrasse 9, 15890 Eisenhüttenstadt

T: +49 3364 2833 0
F: +49 3364 2833 12

Address Dresden

Schillerplatz 7
01309 Dresden

Address Berlin

IPS - Industrial Projects Services GmbH
Fritschestraße 62
Berlin, 10627

Company ID

HRB 6575FF

Tax Number


IPS Germany

Technological Center

IPS GmbH was created in 1995. It was also in 1995 that Luc Tasiaux (founder and owner of Group-IPS), obtained the first significant contract with ArcelorMittal in Eisenhüttenstadt - the planning of the construction of a blast furnace. In the meantime IPS Germany already realised numerous projects in striking distance  (e.g. ArcelorMittal, 5N PV GmbH, Odersun), in Germany (e.g. Almeco and Coil in Bernburg, Sabic), as well as abroad (e.g. ArcelorMittal in Poland und Luxembourg, Carmeuse in Russia und Bosnia, Barry Callebaut in Poland). Situated "in the center of Europe", Eisenhüttenstadt is a good starting point for Group-IPS activities in Germany and Eastern Europe.

Inaugurated in 2002, the Technological Center in Eisenhüttenstadt serves as Project Management School for the further development of the company’s methods and training. The proximity of a modern steel factory, where IPS successfully prepared and realized several projects, provides an industrial  environment that fits perfectly for a training in Project Management.

The TC is equipped with the latest “Plug and Play” technology and hosts trainings, seminars and events of regional and supra-regional importance. Two times a year, the TC hosts the Project Preparation Training that is attanded by new IPS employees as well as customers.

Furthermore our teams are based in Berlin, Dresden, Essen, Hamburg and Stuttgart.

Nicolas Dubois
International Business Unit Manager Life Sciences
Juan Sanchez Chatar
Juan Sanchez Chatar
Wissem Bensaid
Wissem Bensaid
Head of Architecture & Engineering
Carlos Bravo Fernandez
Head of Consulting and Innovation
Marcos Delgado Lopez
Marcos Delgado Lopez
International Business Unit Manager Large Projects
  • Europe
Philippe Fürst
Country Head Germany
Philippe Fürst
International Business Unit Manager Food and Beverages
  • Food and Beverages
Fiete Heinrich
Business Unit Manager Germany Food and Beverages
Damien Hemmeryckx
International Business Unit Primary
Peter Holvoet
International Business Unit Manager Chemicals
Juan Juarez
Juan Juarez Quintana
International Business Unit Manager Architecture
  • Global
Denis Luquai
Denis Luquiau
Head of Project Management
  • Chemicals
Hendrik Pfeiffer
Business Unit Manager Germany Chemicals
María Jesús Romero
International Business Unit Manager Sustainable Process & Environment
  • Global
Julian Saenz Escuder
Julian Sáenz Escuder
Head of Corporate Development
Nuria Tejerina
International Business Unit Manager Buildings
Jurgen Van Den Driessche
International Business Unit Manager Safety
  • Global
Yannick Vega Fernandez
Global Business Development Manager