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Who we are

From the first spark

of inspiration to the final moment of production, Group-IPS supports the projects that change lives. We employ project-management prowess and multidisciplinary expertise to help businesses build a foundation for a better world.

In 1992, 26-year-old

Luc Tasiaux, then an employee of a major technology company, saw first-hand the consequences of insufficient project preparation and coordination. He founded IPS to help businesses better manage their industrial projects, streamlining the path to success for companies with big ambitions.

Over the course of more than 25 years,

we’ve been able to realize Luc’s vision on an increasingly grand scale, growing to 12 countries on 4 continents and counting. With expert project management and engineering – including a wide range of additional services – we provide the comprehensive support that gives companies the freedom to focus on their strengths. Our work spans industries, helping to put planes in the air, cars on the road, medicine in hospitals, products on shelves, and breakfast on your family table.

Today, IPS boasts an international team of driven,

entrepreneurial individuals who share the company’s mission to brighten the lives of real people. Group-IPS’s ingenious methodology provides the entire team with a common language to maximize customers’ time and investments. Our success stories include projects for Procter & Gamble, IKEA, Novartis, Shell, AB Inbev, and many others.

The IPS family continues to grow,

and we’re always eager to join forces with businesses that share our values. If your company strives to move into the future with greater confidence, let IPS be your partner for the road ahead.

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