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Architecture by our studio ARQUID

Arquid is in-house boutique architectural studio of Group-IPS.

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Intelligently engineered design.

Arquid, the cross-industry architectural arm of Group-IPS, employs more than 20 skilled architects with highly diversified backgrounds, each extensively trained in IPS project management methodology. Arquid is the responsible for the architectural design of every IPS project across all industries.

A meaningful variety of project locations and typologies are a well-proved warranty to deliver a wide range of bespoke architecture.

Acting as Owner’s Representative, Arquid team begins each project with a highly detailed logistical analysis that results in r a project plan. Arquid then opens up each project to a company-wide brainstorming session, holding an internal competition to gather building concepts.

Arquid’s unique approach brings added creativity and expertise to industrial design, which, coupled with project management insight, brings extraordinary added value to Group-IPS customers.

Elevating Industrial Design Through Collaborative Feedback and Project Management Expertise

Customers are encouraged to provide feedback and ideas throughout the entire process, enabling them to challenge the team and push the project design even further. As a team of highly trained project management professionals, the group strives for constructive synergy between architecture (conceptual thinking) and engineering (analytical thinking).

Arquid’s unique approach brings added creativity and ingenuity to industrial design, which, coupled with project management insight, brings extraordinary added value to Group-IPS customers.

Case study

Build a new warehouse and manufacturing facility for a beloved Spanish brand

Idilia Foods

Industrial Design Meets Emotional Insight

Idilia Foods, the parent company of instant chocolate beverage Cola Cao and chocolate-nut spread Nocilla, is a well known and much-beloved Spanish multinational. Their sweet, high-quality breakfast foods and snacks are staple items in the Spanish pantry and have been enjoyed by generations.

Customer-friendly sales and service center


Design for productivity and people

The Dow Chemical Company is one of the largest chemical companies in the world. The multinational corporation’s European headquarters are in Horgen, near Zurich, Switzerland. Dow is a world leader in research and technology for chemicals, plastics and agricultural products.


Tarragona, Spain

La Morella Nuts is one of the projects that are based on the Masterplan carried out by IPS Spain and consists on the reorganization of the product production system with a new building and its unification with the "Nuts center of expertise" as the new center of specialization. The logistics study was of a great importance in this project, since it was required to be able to improve communications and flows.

Approach by Arquid

our architectonic firm


Valencia, Spain

The proposal places all its emphasis on taking advantage of the heterogeneity of flows by controlling them, sometimes allowing to see, touch, breathe, from the very beginning in the natural environment to the different points of milling, melting and other points of the process.

Approach by Arquid

our architectonic firm


Ghent, Belgium

As a result of a masterplan, a new office and laboratory building was to be constructed for the Shell Grease Manufacturing Plant in Ghent, located on the north industrial area of the city, particulary on the East side of the Pantserschipstraat.

Approach by Arquid

our architectonic firm

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