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Seeking exceptional individuals.

IPS offers opportunities for career development across many industries and around the world. We recruit and hire motivated and talented individuals who demonstrate considerable strength in coordination and project management, the core of our business and the foundation for all that we do.

Even our youngest hires enjoy significant responsibility; employees quickly gain the experience to manage multi-million-Euro projects and to work with some of the world’s biggest brands. Later in their career trajectory, Group-IPS employees have gone on to open new offices and lines of business and to manage projects in entirely new markets. All of our team members are expected to participate in the growth of the company and to share their insights and perspectives on the challenges we undertake.

The vast majority of Group-IPS hires speak three or more languages, graduated at the top of their university class, and possess demonstrated leadership ability, as well as enthusiasm for working closely with a team. Group-IPS Job Days provide second-round candidates with the opportunity to get to know the company’s distinctive way of working in our offices in Belgium and Spain.


The Project Engineering Internship That Created a Career

Julián has earned his success, of course: first as a standout student and then as a principal member of the IPS team. But he started out on the right foot when he took advantage of the IPS internship, which he says put him right to work. “From the first moment, you are [involved] in a real project”, Julián recalled of the program. “It’s not like you are making photocopies for three or six months.”

Global project management leader IPS delivers multidisciplinary expertise to businesses across a vast range of industries in Europe, North America, and Africa. The company’s competitive internship program allows entrepreneurial, highly skilled university students to receive hands-on working experience beginning in the summer before their final year of studies. Interns learn the company’s methodology so that they are soon fully equipped to handle multi-million- Euro projects, synthesize their insights across industries, and pursue their individual interests within the company.

Julián Sáenz Escuder

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How one IPS intern landed a new job—and a new life—far outside her comfort zone

It’s no secret that Group-IPS provides career development opportunities for exceptionally motivated interns. Which is how Blanca Izquierdo Guerrero, a young chemical engineer interning in our offices in Madrid, found herself working for the company in Sfax, Tunisia.

Blanca was hired as an intern in May 2018 and quickly made an impression on the team at IPS Spain. "We really liked Blanca because she was a motivated and practical engineer,” says Ana Montejo del Castillo, head of talent and business development. Interns need to be able to take on and adapt quickly to new projects and commitments, Ana explains, “and she was really, really interested in having chemical projects, but she was also really happy to be involved in other kinds of projects." Thanks to her impressive performance, Blanca was promoted to Junior Project Engineer even before the end of her internship.

Blanca Izquierdo Guerrero

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