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Denis Luquiau


T: +33 776 708 843 

Address Lyon

5, Rue Gorge de Loup
69009 Lyon

T: +33 778 205 404

Company ID

Industrial Projects Services France

Tax Number

FR68 791 206 741

IPS France

IPS France s.a.r.l. was established in February 2013 in the Rhône-Alpes area in France and is part of the international company Group-IPS. The entity in France was already planned for quite some time to ensure the best support for our customers in the French market. The new office is located in Lyon, a very dynamic city in the southeastern part of France.

Why France?

France is one of the world's leading economies. Based on the International Monetary Fund (IMF),France is the 5th economical world power and the 2nd in Europe and it is one of the main actors in several industries worldwide.

Why Lyon and the Rhône-Alpes area?

The quality of its infrastructures, its universities (2nd after Paris) and the increasing number of businesses in this area - Rhône-Alpes area represents more than 70.000 companies in which 150 are world leaders in their industry - made Lyon the most attractive city for IPS to settle down. Furthermore the city provides good connections to other IPS entities as well as the IPS headquarters in Nivelles (Belgium).

Today, IPS France is involved in several projects for customers active in the manufacturing of high value-added aluminum products dedicated primarily to aerospace, automotive and packaging markets and for world leading companies specialized in energy management.

Nicolas Dubois
International Business Unit Manager Life Sciences
Juan Sanchez Chatar
Juan Sanchez Chatar
Wissem Bensaid
Wissem Bensaid
Head of Architecture & Engineering
  • Primary
Najib Benzouine
Business Unit Manager France Primary
Carlos Bravo Fernandez
Head of Consulting and Innovation
Marcos Delgado Lopez
Marcos Delgado Lopez
International Business Unit Manager Large Projects
Philippe Fürst
International Business Unit Manager Food and Beverages
Damien Hemmeryckx
International Business Unit Primary
Peter Holvoet
International Business Unit Manager Chemicals
Juan Juarez
Juan Juarez Quintana
International Business Unit Manager Architecture
  • Global
Denis Luquai
Denis Luquiau
Head of Project Management
  • Buildings
Olivier Richarte
Business Unit Manager France Buildings
María Jesús Romero
International Business Unit Manager Sustainable Process & Environment
  • Global
Julian Saenz Escuder
Julian Sáenz Escuder
Head of Corporate Development
  • Chemicals
Josué Silverio
Business Unit Manager France Chemicals
Nuria Tejerina
International Business Unit Manager Buildings
Jurgen Van Den Driessche
International Business Unit Manager Safety
  • Global
Yannick Vega Fernandez
Global Business Development Manager