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Case study

Melexis: A Factory for the Future

Our most complex and challenging project to date was to deliver a state-of-the-art micro-electronic sensors facility for Belgian company Melexis in Bulgaria. 

Melexis is a global supplier of micro-electronic semiconductor solutions that stands at the forefront of technological innovation, with engineering and production facilities spread over three continents. 
In 2015, the company greenlighted a €75-million investment in the expansion of its existing facilities in Sofia, Bulgaria. During its seven-year journey from drawing board to full operations, the project would undergo numerous revisions, alterations and expansions. Throughout that time, the IPS Bulgaria design-engineering and management team faced many challenges in order to bring the project to fruition.  


From location analysis to process optimization:

how Group-IPS is helping clients build the factories of the future

Finding the ideal location for a new factory, defining the investment requirements and risks, designing and organizing the right layout for extracting the most value from operations, developing and optimizing improved productivity manufacturing processes - these are just a few of the tasks industrial and investment companies all over the world face daily. The question is how to execute them now, while ensuring the changes stand the test of time from the competitivity, financial, and sustainable perspectives. The key to success, we believe, is looking at the business case specifics together with the technicalities of the factory as a whole. 

Group-IPS develops new filling line facility for Hoegaarden:

Creative solution from project management to architecture

AB InBev 

In 2018, AB InBev, manufacturer of the world-famous Belgian beer Hoegaarden, approached Group-IPS with a request to come up with the best location and layout for a new can filling line. From masterplan, through project management, to architecture, and engineering, we had to find new ways to satisfy the business needs as well as meet specific requests from the municipal authorities and locals. Not only did we manage to meet the first sellable product deadline, but we also delivered a future-proof facility with aesthetic architecture reminiscent of the signature glass of Hoegaarden. 

Approach by Arquid

our architectonic firm

A Refreshing Change:

Saving water and setting a new standard for Danone


Group-IPS recently partnered with Danone production facility in Rotselaar, Belgium to help make their "One Planet, One Health" vision a reality. Via a mix of technological innovation and strategic consultancy, IPS helped the leading multi-national food company develop a water reuse system that saves 500 million liters of water annually in this drought-ravaged region. The project, outlined below, represents a milestone in how companies can lessen their environmental impact.

Build a new warehouse and manufacturing facility for a beloved Spanish brand

Idilia Foods

Industrial Design Meets Emotional Insight

Idilia Foods, the parent company of instant chocolate beverage Cola Cao and chocolate-nut spread Nocilla, is a well known and much-beloved Spanish multinational. Their sweet, high-quality breakfast foods and snacks are staple items in the Spanish pantry and have been enjoyed by generations.

Approach by Arquid

our architectonic firm

Customer-friendly sales and service center


Design for productivity and people

The Dow Chemical Company is one of the largest chemical companies in the world. The multinational corporation’s European headquarters are in Horgen, near Zurich, Switzerland. Dow is a world leader in research and technology for chemicals, plastics and agricultural products.

Approach by Arquid

our architectonic firm


Tarragona, Spain

La Morella Nuts is one of the projects that are based on the Masterplan carried out by IPS Spain and consists on the reorganization of the product production system with a new building and its unification with the "Nuts center of expertise" as the new center of specialization. The logistics study was of a great importance in this project, since it was required to be able to improve communications and flows.

Approach by Arquid

our architectonic firm


Valencia, Spain

The proposal places all its emphasis on taking advantage of the heterogeneity of flows by controlling them, sometimes allowing to see, touch, breathe, from the very beginning in the natural environment to the different points of milling, melting and other points of the process.

Approach by Arquid

our architectonic firm


Ghent, Belgium

As a result of a masterplan, a new office and laboratory building was to be constructed for the Shell Grease Manufacturing Plant in Ghent, located on the north industrial area of the city, particulary on the East side of the Pantserschipstraat.

Approach by Arquid

our architectonic firm