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Digital Supply Chain & Operations

  • smarter
  • leaner
  • better facilities

In order to make competitive improvements to your business, it’s necessary to analyze, redesign, and optimize processes and supply chains.

Drawing on over 25 years of experience, Group-IPS takes into account the Industrial cost structure of your factories to make the most of the operational expenses, including energy, logistics, people, and materials. The outcome is a lean and high-tech facility with the capacity to carry your business well into the future.

The IPS methodology ensures that all logistics projects are carried out with an interdisciplinary project management approach, which takes into careful consideration technical scope, layouts, scheduling, and budget. Our methodology allows the customer to continue with the preparation and execution phases later on, ensuring a fair and detailed procurement that guarantees the best pricing on the market. A team of specialised engineers employs strategic software and tools and the latest technologies for optimal performance.

Areas of Focus

Logistic network analysis & site strategic logistics

Flow optimization

3D simulation

Warehouse design

Outsourcing studies

Technology implementation projects

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Digital Supply Chain & Operations

Julian Sáenz Escuder

International Business Unit Manager Operations

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