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Intelligently engineered design.

Arquid, the cross-industry architectural arm of Group-IPS, employs more than 20 skilled architects with highly diversified backgrounds, each extensively trained in IPS project management methodology. Although Arquid is responsible for the architectural design of industrial buildings around the world, the group uses the hands-on approach of a boutique architectural firm. Acting as Owner’s Representative, the Arquid team begins each project with a highly detailed logistical analysis that results in your project plan. While most major architectural practices assign one or two individuals to lead a job, Arquid then opens up each project to a company-wide brainstorming session, holding an internal competition to gather building concepts.

Customers are encouraged to provide feedback and ideas throughout the entire process, enabling them to challenge the team and push the project design even further. As a team of highly trained project management professionals, the group strives for constructive synergy between architecture (conceptual thinking) and engineering (analytical thinking).

Arquid’s unique approach brings added creativity and ingenuity to industrial design, which, coupled with project management insight, brings extraordinary added value to Group-IPS customers.

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Begona Soto

International Business Unit Manager Architecture & Real Estate

Juan Juarez Quintana

Business Unit Manager Spain Architecture & Real Estate

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