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Sofia South Ring Mall - Management Support

Sofia South Ring Mall - Management Support

Sofia South Ring Mall, Bulgaria, 03/2014 - Ongoing

Sofia South Ring Mall is a joint investment of two of the biggest Greek companies, Danaos Group through their Danaos Development entity and Furlis Group the IKEA franchise owner for the SEE. The omplete plan for the development of this project includes the realization of a residential area in the same district.

Sofia South Ring Mall is a Shopping and Entertainment Centre at the foot step of Vitosha mountain near Sofia.

IPS Bulgaria began its mission with the start of the tenent's fit-out activities. Meaning the coordination of the tenants and fit-out coordination between the responsible parties. 

The mission has now been extended wit PM functions such as the procurement of new contractors for the shops ans permitting procedures.

Principal project data

Tenant fit-out Management

  • 250.000 sq m total built area
  • 69.000 sq m general lease area
  • approx. 120 mio Euro investment

Scope IPS

Project Realization

  • Management Support
  • several PM functions

IPS operational unit(s)

  • IPS Bulgaria Ltd.