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Feasibility Study - Flue Dust Treatment Process

Feasibility Study - Flue Dust Treatment Process

Aurubis AG, Germany, 04/2015 - 07/2015

Aurubis AG is one of the market leading supplier for copper raw material. The production plant in Hamburg is equipped with all necessary technologies to transform copper concentrates from the mines into pure copper.

The feasibility study is an important part of an investment decision. The main scope of the study was to develop a first process concept for a new treatment plant for several copper-containing materials. Based on this concept all necessary packages of supply had been defined, respecting the limiting conditions by public, local and internal regulations.

Based on those scopes of supply a first contact with equipment suppliers for further process definition was possible.

The result of this project is a detailed collection of information about the interaction between the new production line and the existing plant. It was received a collection of parameters which have to be respected during the further engineering of the plant.

Based on those information a detailed budget for the investment and a time schedule for the realization was created.

Principal project data

Feasibility study for new production facility

Scope IPS

Project Feasibility

  • Process definition
  • Layout
  • Budget
  • Time schedule
  • Investment proposal
  • Supplier contact

IPS operational unit(s)

  • IPS Germany GmbH