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SIMULATING LOGISTICS – How To Minimize Your CAPEX and OPEX Project Costs

24th June 2021, 5pm CET



Digitalization and sustainability have become common words in our day-to-day project life. 

However, rarely are they backed by sufficient data or by specific projects proving themselves to be valuable for society and industries. 

In this short webinar, we will see, through real case studies, how the digitalization and simulation of logistic and production flows can become a game-changer - not only to target the optimal CAPEX definition but also to guarantee that later OPEX costs will be minimized by utilizing state of the art of technology. 

If you want to hear about how to optimize Operational costs through simulation, join us to see the different applications, throughout the full project cycle, from Concept design to Operations.





Julian Sáenz Escuder 


Julián Sáenz Escuder is a true IPS success story. Recruited for an internship during his fourth year at university, he was hired full-time as a junior project engineer in Madrid after graduation. Within just four years, he had already worked his way up the company ladder to become Managing Director of IPS Spain.