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Nicolas Dubois

General Manager

E: nicolas.dubois@group-ips.com
T: +32 485 339 740

Address Nivelles

IPS Belgium s.a.
42, Avenue Robert Schuman
1401 Nivelles

T: +32 067 874 370
F: +32 067 874 080

Address Antwerp

Plantinkaai 10, 2000 Antwerp

Address Liège

Rue de Lantin 149, 4000 Liège (Rocourt)

Company ID

0464 078 979

Tax Number

BE464 078 979

IPS Belgium

Competence Center

In 1992, Luc Tasiaux founded IPS (Industrial Projects Services) in Belgium. Due to the fact that the company was growing quickly, people moved from one office to the next bigger one until in 2006 the Competence Center in Nivelles was inaugurated. Nivelles is located 30km south of Brussels. Today, about 80 engineers, architects and designers are employed by the Belgian entity. The office building is at the same time the headquarter of Group-IPS and centralises all the competences of the group.

The concept of the building was developed by the architect Giuliana Matucci (IPS) as office space for a maximum of 80 employees, with the planned extension expansible for 150 employees. However, openness and design of building allow for changes depending on the activities of the Group. The foyer offers space for up to 250 people and is often used for concerts as well as recording due to its very good acoustics.en opened in Dresden and Essen - currently we are preparing the launch of an office in Stuttgart region.

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General Manager Belgium

IPS Belgium

Competence Center

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