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Module for Sugar Treatment and Sieving

Module for Sugar Treatment and Sieving

Tiense Suikerraffinaderij, Belgium, 2014 - 2016

Tiense Suikerraffinaderij was founded in 1836 and is currently part of the Südzucker group. It produces, treats and packs 500.000 tons of beet sugar per year on their sites in Tienen and Wanze. 

In order to increase their production and packing capacity, a new production module was built on the site in Tienen. This 62m high steel & concrete structure includes all facilities for the maturation, sieving, storage, bulk-loading and packaging of processed sugar. The latest technologies for sugar treatment, transport, bulk loading and storage were used.

In the existing production building, the old sugar dryers were replaced with a new sugar dryer and cooler. All utilities, including new air treatment, heat exchanger, filter and cyclone were renewed. 

During a standstill period of 4,5 months, the existing equipment was demounted, the civil works with a new 40m steel structure, all equipment and utilities were erected and fully operational.

Principal project data

  • Sugar drying, cooling, maturation and sieving production line
  • Pearl sugar production facility 
  • 3 bulk loading stations
  • 62m steel & concrete structure with a footprint of 2.500m²

Scope IPS

Project Realization

  • Project coordination
  • Construction management
  • Technical specifications
  • Contract coordination
  • Project planning
  • Safety coordination

IPS operational unit(s)

  • IPS Belgium sa
  • IPS Spain sa