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International Project Support - Engineering

International Project Support - Engineering

KL Trading Company KLTC, Cameroon, 07/2014 - Ongoing

The Ministry of Economic and Social Affairs of Cameroon is building a conference center for the Senate in Yaounde. As a subcontractor of the main audiovisual integrator, IPS performs the detailed design of the multimedia  and conference techniques.

The new conference center will consist of a Chamber (400 seats), a reception hall and a 12-floor- tower for the offices.

After the remote follow-up of the installation, IPS will participate in the commissioning of the systems and will give the user trainings on-site.

Principal project data

Multimedia Engineering

Scope IPS

Project Realisation

Detailed Design

Installation follow-up Commissioning for:

  • Sound reinforcement
  • Conference and interpretation system
  • Semibroadcast shooting
  • Video Distribution
  • Satellite and IP TV-distribution

User Training

IPS operational unit(s)

  • IPS Belgium sa