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Transformation of Production Line

Transformation of Production Line

GSK, Belgium, 08/2009 - 02/2010

GSK Biologicals is a world leader in vaccine production. One of the most important vaccine amongst their product is the Inactivated Polio Virus (IPV). In order to increase the production of this bulk product, a fasttrack project (RX182) was set-up to transform an obsolete production line into a renewed operational one.

The improvement of the building RX36.2 impacted the classification of the different rooms. As it is not possible to have class A laminar airflows in a room that is classifed as a grade C. Other solutions had to be found to connect or disconnect, fill and empty different transfer and storage containers. Also, the sampling systems had to be reviewed.

A team consisting of two full-time engineers, one from IPS and the other was supervise engineer from GSK that were responsible for the design, development, qualification and implementation of more than 40 disposable systems to achieve a grade A continuity during IPV production.

Principal project data

Transformation of an obsolete production line into a renewed operational one.

Scope IPS

Project Preparation

  • Basic Engineering (wave 2)
  • Development (wave 2)
  • Commissioning (wave 2)
  • Validation (wave 1&2)
  •  Implementation (wave 1&2)
  • Quality Control

IPS operational unit(s)

  • IPS Belgium sa