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Production line improvements

Production line improvements

Continental Bakeries Bel., , 03/2018 - Ongoing

Continental Bakeries is a European bakery group specialized in the production of biscuits, bread replacements and toast. Continental Bakeries has fifteen “Production Centres of Excellence” in Western Europe with a total of 2,500 employees.

Since January 2015, Continental Bakeries is the owner of Granco, located in Enghien. In the frame of this acquisition, IPS has been solicited in order to support CB engineering department for the elaboration of several processing projects:

  • Installation of rotating dosing heads on 4 production lines
  • Installation of automatic greasing systems on all production lines
  • Reduction of production scrap through all production steps

Principal project data

Potential savings of 1.6 M€

Investments around 1 M€

Scope IPS

Project Feasibility

  • Preliminary budget

Project Preparation

  • Extended Basic Engineering
  • Permitting
  • Project Planning
  • Layout

Project Realization

  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Commissioning
  • Operational Management
  • Cost Control
  • Time Schedule

IPS operational unit(s)

  • IPS Belgium sa