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CAPEX PROCUREMENT – Strategy & Efficient Setup

with Ivaila Petrova, Managing Project Engineer


  • Why is the procurement strategy critical for efficient project management 
  • How to make procurement more efficient without losing focus on quality 
  • What are the new trends in procurement 



Procurement is one of the most important and underrated part of an Industrial or Real Estate Project. And this step requires good strategy and structure for an efficient set-up. 

In other words, the better procurement is prepared, the lower your contract management burden will be. 

Our Head of Procurement, Ivaila Petrova (LinkedIn profile below) will share her vision and approach in full transparency on how to tackle such challenges. Think how-to best practices, attention points, key drivers for success, and how to mitigate risk. 

Any Industrial or Real Estate project in the horizon? 

We will teach you how to prepare efficiently and set-up a procurement strategy that fits your company needs. 




Ivaila Petrova    

Ivaila has worked for IPS for more than 10 years, mainly in Spain, but also for projects in Germany. She has an in-depth knowledge of IPS methodology and has lectured in the Master's program in project management at the Comillas engineering university (ICAI). She comes to Germany regularly during training weeks and gives lectures and great support.&nb