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Group-IPS International Internship Program

Creating future entrepreneurs

IPS encourages curious and highly skilled engineering students with a strong interest in project management to apply for its international internship program. University students work through the summer before their final year of studies and then hold junior positions within the company to garner experience on a range of projects. By the end of the program, students will have the ability to transfer their knowledge to a professional position in their chosen field, either within Group-IPS or at another company. 

Trained with the company’s unique methodology, IPS interns quickly receive in-depth project management experience and exposure to a variety of disciplines and industries, working both on the ground with customers and behind the scenes in IPS. Our interns not only learn to manage individual projects but also get a full picture of our operations across the entire international company, including business development and administration.

Junior Project Engineers and young hires receive significant professional responsibility from day one and frequently help manage multi-million-Euro projects shortly thereafter. Interns are encouraged to take initiative and are often rewarded for their entrepreneurial approaches to tough problems. Often, former interns go on to found their own business units, become country managers, pursue new lines of business, and assume other leadership roles within the IPS team.  

Students who wish to write their Master’s theses on IPS projects have the option to do so, provided that they refrain from disclosing confidential information. In such cases, each intern receives the support of a seasoned IPS employee who is qualified to supervise the work where necessary. 

The application procedure for prospective interns reflects the rigor of a traditional hiring process. Our perfect candidate:

Is preferably entering the first year of a Master's program and has an excellent academic record (within the top 25%).

Speaks at least two languages at an advanced level (English, Spanish, French, German). A third language is a big plus. 

Enjoys teamwork and excels in customer relations while being independent and entrepreneurial. Is curious and wants to learn from an experienced, youthful team.

Pre-selected candidates are expected to attend one of our Job Days and to have an in-person interview with our team. Interested applicants should send a CV, motivation letter, and academic transcript to internship@group-ips.com