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Celebrating Group-IPS 30th:

A better future together

Launching a program of events to celebrate the 30 years of Group-IPS.

At Group-IPS, we recognize the challenges and opportunities that the future holds for the world and our customers, and we are committed to staying ahead of the curve.

As a company whose DNA lies in sharing knowledge across industries, we understand the importance of staying informed and being prepared for what lies ahead. That is why we are excited to announce our upcoming program, which will run from March 2023 to June 2024 and comprise a series of internal and external events, workshops, and online and offline activities, all with a meaningful purpose behind them.

We aim to give back while acknowledging our achievements over the past three decades and providing opportunities for personal and professional development for our team, partners, and customers.

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  • Anniversary On-demand

"On this special occasion of Group-IPS' 30th anniversary, we celebrate not only the company's remarkable achievements but also the enduring legacy of knowledge sharing that has been ingrained in our DNA since the very beginning."

Juan Sánchez Chatar, Group-IPS CEO


History of Group-IPS

December 2021

The Group is completing the review of its Business Plan 2022 – 2026 focusing on organic growth for the coming years, while screening the market to be able to integrate complementary companies / teams as opportunities arise, and develop corporate venturing strategies to deploy new services

March 2020

Covid-19 has accelerated Group IPS´s plans of transforming its range of services: Consulting, Systems Engineering and Digital Operations and Supply Chain have been incorporated to the Group´s service range.

April 2017

After a period of stagnated growth, Luc decided to hand over the management of the Group to Juan Sánchez, who was appointed as CEO in April and became shareholder of Group-IPS. At this point, a major multi-year reorganization plan started (still undergoing) aiming to consolidate as a global industries and services-oriented organization.

February 2013

Expansion to France. Having already completed several local projects, IPS decided to set up an office in Lyon (Rhône-Alpes area) to better support its French customers.

March 2012

Expansion to the Balkans. Due to the success of IPS Bulgaria, IPS decided to further extend its activities into the Balkan region with a new office in Bucharest, Romania.

November 2006

Inauguration of Competence Center in Nivelles, Belgium. The building houses the IPS competence units Process Engineering, Architecture, and Automation, providing knowledge and expertise for all IPS projects and entities. 

May 2006

Expansion to North America. IPS opened its first office in the United States in Pennsauken, New Jersey.

March 2006

Expansion to South America. The IPS Brazil office is located in São Paulo.

October 2004

Founding of Group-IPS. Restructuring of the company paved the way for new growth and created a parent company for all IPS identities.

September 2004

Expansion to Southern Europe. The creation of IPS Spain allowed IPS to grow its activities in Europe and marked one of its most significant investments to date.

March 2004

Expansion to Asia. With the founding of IPS China, IPS became a player in one of the world’s most significant economies.

January 2004

Expansion to South-Eastern Europe. The founding of IPS Bulgaria allowed IPS to extend its activities beyond western Europe for the first time. 

August 2003

First Project Preparation Training. Biannual training events are held at the TC in Germany to this day, bringing together IPS talent and other entrepreneurial project management professionals.

August 2002

Inauguration of the Technological Center (TC) in Eisenhüttenstadt. In addition to being an IPS office, the TC serves as the company’s HQ for training and methodology development.

January 1996

First project abroad. IPS was responsible for the construction of a blast furnace at EKO Stahl (now ArcelorMittal) in Eisenhüttenstadt. The furnace contained a gas purification unit, two casting platforms, an INBA granulation unit, material handling and mixing, and a new water clearing unit.

January 1995

Creation of the German entity. The first office was located in Senftenberg. Luc Tasiaux later moved the office to Eisenhüttenstat, one hour south-east of Berlin, near the Polish border.

October 1992

Industrial Projects Services (IPS) founded by Luc Tasiaux. The first office was located in Tombeek, Overijse, Belgium.

Our commitment to Sustainable Development Goals

We support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs"), a set of 17 global goals developed to define global priorities and address major societal and environmental concerns.

The Sustainable Development Goals inspire our program; the celebrations are designed around the impact of global changes and challenges we are experiencing, which Group-IPS aims to help address.


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As an international group, we are a united entity providing expertise across a global network of professionals.


We are growth-oriented and consistently focused on technological innovation—but never at the expense of resource management.


Our Company puts our customer’s interest first – ahead of IPS’ ones - and constantly searches for improvement.


We empower our aspiring entrepreneurs by providing the opportunity to lead and participate in our client’s success.


We take care of our people, and we believe in working hard and having fun expanding what’s possible.


IPS was founded by a single young individual and is created by self-driven colleagues who actively participate in its growth.


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