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Reuse of waste water

With brands such as Danone, Danone & Fruit, Activia, Actimel, Vitalinea, Oikos and Danio, Danone is a major player on the Global dairy market. The Belgian dairy division employs 600 people, of whom about 450 are on Rotselaar's site. 

Danone corporate wants to take on social role in

society and has therefore launched several

'Iconic Projects' which fit in their “triple zero strategy”.

Zero waste, zero water, zero energy.

Danone Rotselaar won this

competition with the wastewater re-use project. Named

WATERLESS, the project will minimize the water

consumption by 2020 to less than 1m³ water used per

ton finished product. Waterless will serve as a

reference project for the other Danone factories


The bio-effluent reclamation unit consists of Ultrafiltration, Reverse Osmosis and disinfection unit to produce potable water quality.

The reclaimed water flow is maximalized at 70m³/h (75% recovery from the total feed flow).

The 70m³/h of potable water quality will be pumped back to the factory where it will be re-used. 

Principal project data

70m³/h process water production 

Scope IPS

Project Preparation

  • Scope definition 
  • Technical evaluation
  • Procurement 
  • Planning
  • Coordination authorities 

Project Realization

  • General coordination 
  • Civil construction management 
  • E&M installation management 
  • Commissioning management 

IPS operational unit(s)

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