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Realization of a new automatic packaging line

Realization of a new automatic packaging line

ArcelorMittal Bremen, Germany, 12/2014 - 02/2016

ArcelorMittal Bremen GmbH is one of the four German locations of ArcelorMittal Group. More than 3.500 employees produce more than 3,5 million tonnes of crude steel per year. The products range from slabs and hot rolled coils up to galvanized coils and laser welded blanks. 

At the hot rolling mill the coils are coiled and transported to the cold rolling mill or direct prepared for shipment. Hot rolled coils, which will be shipped to the customer, shall automatically be sampled and packed. This is why ArcelorMittal Bremen installed an automatical packaging line with integrated sample collection.

IPS was commissioned for the support of commissioning and assists in the design and the realisation of the plant environment.

The following contents belong to the scope of services of IPS: 

  • Support of commissionning
  • Design of the plant environment
  • Control of the programming (QA)
  • Realization of the plant environment
  • Optimizations 

Principal project data

Realization of a new automatic packaging line with: 

  • coil weight: mac 45t
  • outside diameter: 1100-2400 mm
  • capacity: 90 coils/layer
  • strapping through the eye
  • strapping for high-strength steel coils
  • strapping around the circumference

Scope IPS

Project Preparation

  • Project Description Sheet for the environment
  • Project Definition File for the environment
  • Extended layout for the environment 

Project Realization

  • Commissioning support
  • Control of programming

IPS operational unit(s)

  • IPS Germany GmbH