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Production relocation and optimization

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Production line improvements

Continental Bakeries Bel.

Ohio Distribution Center

Anheuser Busch Columbus

Automotive Body Sheet Programme

Aleris Global Headquarters

Engineering Support

Barry Callebaut (Gurb)

Engineering Support

Ineos Phenol Belgium N.V.

Module for Sugar Treatment and Sieving

Tiense Suikerraffinaderij Tienen

Office Refurbishment

Hartmann - Spain

PVC Stabilizer Production Site

Flaurea Chemicals (Floridienne Chimie)


Procter and Gamble Spain (Madrid)

Security Gate

Procter and Gamble Spain (Madrid)

Detailed Design Pringles Building

Procter & Gamble Manufacturing Belgium (Mechelen)

New Main Building

Arlanxeo Belgium nv (Lanxess)