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New paths to project management

For many young engineers, an internship at Group-IPS can be the start of a dynamic career. But for some, it can help to clarify a whole new educational path.

Recent interns Nicolas Chamon and Léa Blancan, both natives of France, joined the IPS Chemicals team and got a taste of daily life in the role of a project manager.


They then returned to their studies with a new sense of direction and an invaluable set of practical skills. If you’re interested in our one-of-a-kind internship program, check out their testimonials below, then find the full program description and application information on our internship page.


Léa Blancan

"[Group-IPS Project Manager] Benjamin proposed for me to work with him on the project associated with my educational background, which is biotechnology—so it was the perfect project. The mission was clearly defined before the beginning of the internship and was completely accurate, so I learned about project methodology and different practices to adopt.

This internship brought me more than I expected, because in addition to methodology and good practices, et cetera, I learned about what it was like to work on a big team, and also discovered what it was like to work with clients. My IPS experience really confirmed for me that I would like to continue working in industrial project management."

Nicolas Chamon

"The atmosphere at IPS is very young, dynamic, modern, and it is a welcoming company. The only negative part for me during my internship was that the weather in Belgium is very rainy.

I discovered the job of consultant, of project engineer, at IPS. I learned that it is a dynamic job with various projects, people, and activities, and where it is possible to work in different fields. The internship motivated me to continue my studies for a year in a school specialized in project management, in Montpelier, France. ... My goal is to have the ideal profile of a future project manager.”

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