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Group-IPS White Paper: Industry After COVID-19

No industry has been able to escape the impact of COVID-19. As businesses worldwide take their first tentative steps back to work in a changed world, we at IPS wish to offer our insights into efficient, profitable factory operations in an era of heightened vigilance.

Our white paper Industry After COVID-19 outlines three primary areas to which plant managers should pay particular attention in the coming months and years:

  1. Operational impact – How should your company prepare for variability in demand? How can you best address changes in capacity? Is it possible to establish a robust supply chain in the midst of so much uncertainty?
  2. Automation & digitalization – How can a targeted digital infrastructure pave the way to long-term resiliency, profitability, and future growth?
  3. Facilities design – How can architectural design ensure human safety and continued productivity?

Industry After COVID-19 posits answers to these questions and looks ahead to the uncertain future to identify long-term strategies for sustainable growth. It also outlines the unique approach of Group-IPS and the ways in which we continue to assist customers in building stronger foundations for the future—even remotely.

The white paper is available for download now. We hope you will benefit from its insights, share it with other interested professionals in your industry, and get in touch with any questions about your unique needs during this challenging time. 

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