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Backing up the future

Group-IPS Data Centers is using its expertise in project management to protect data on a global scale.

Data centers are more than just computing facilities that house networking equipment. Today they play a vital function in securing a company’s information and digital assets. Helping industrial companies keep their server rooms up and running is a major part of our work at IPS Data Centers.

In order to ensure the smooth operation of these facilities, IPS believes the ongoing training of those tasked with their maintenance is of critical importance. We recently partnered with the Data Center program at the University College of Louvain en Hainaut (HELHa) in Mons, Belgium to help provide relevant, up-to-the-minute technical training to facilities maintenance staff. 

We're in good company: The college is teaming up with international academic institutes as well as industry providers such as Google, Engie Cofely, ABB, Schneider Electric, Technord, and IFSB to help upskill those increasingly important keepers of our digital storehouses.

Our Data Centers team holds TIER design accreditation from the Uptime Institute and has mastered the Series of Standards EN 50600. We are well versed in the management and maintenance of mission-critical environments. The engineers in our business unit specialize in architecture, HVAC, electricity, electronic security, stability, and other techniques, making them highly qualified as instructors in the HELHa Data Center program, which involves two years of online coursework and attendance at a week-long laboratory session once a year.

The business unit leads one of the main modules for the second year of the program. The “project management” course is developed as an “integrated project”. During this course, students apply the concepts they have learned to the analysis and implementation of an industrial project, based on a real IPS Data Centers case. We also introduce students to IPS methodology and lead them through the preparation of a mock project.

Group-IPS is a proud partner of the HELHa Data Center program—because we know that backing up the factories of the 21st century is just as important as building them.

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