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Adel Choubassi

Country Manager 

E: adel.choubassi@group-ips.com
T: +32 0499 53 01 57


32, Simon Bolivar Str., 9th floor
Rouche, Beirut, Lebanon

Tax Number

RC100 64 75

IPS Middle East

IPS Middle East sal has been created in Lebanon in the end of 2006 in order to source competent and experienced project engineers to be trained in our European projects. As these engineers are experienced with Group-IPS methodology, IPS Middle East sal has established his offices in Beirut in order to have the proximity to the Lebanese market and insure a high quality commitment to our clients in Lebanon and the Middle East area.

IPS Middle East sal performs as your Engineering Procurement & Construction Management for your industrial and real estate projects in addition of the Qualification and Validation services for Pharmaceutical projects.

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IPS Middle East


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